Phoenix Products

Designed to maximize productivity. Resource-efficient. Flexible and easy to integrate.

Product Type Platform Description
(E)JES Systems Management Mainframe JES management tool
CONDOR Productivity Tools Mainframe Library management and program development
CYGNET Productivity Tools Mainframe Application development programming language
Entrypoint Data Entry Web, PC Data entry in a browser or on the client
FALCON Data Entry Mainframe On-line data entry system for IBM environments
Falcon64 Data Entry PC Windows version of FALCON
Key/101 Data Entry Mainframe Integration of data input via IBM 370 mainframes and PCs
Data Entry PC Standalone or interface to mainframe product
PHX-Adders Data Entry Mainframe/PC Management of migrated data entry functions
PHX-KeyPlus Data Entry Mainframe/PC On-line data entry system
PHX-ODE Data Entry Mainframe/PC Data entry application development and heads-down data entry
zHISR Software Testing Mainframe Application execution profile