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Phoenix Software Product Releases are Now Generally Available

(E)JES V5R7 Enhancements Include z/OS 2.3 Support, (E)JES Web Capabilities

((E)JES V5R7 is now generally available providing support for z/OS 2.3 as well as enhancements to the base product and (E)JES Web.

(E)JES Web enhancements since the previous release have all been made available to (E)JES V5R4 through V5R6 users through the service stream. These enhancements include:

  • Line and navigation command parameter support
  • Additional and temporary selection support
  • Box mode browsing
  • Appearance options including color schemes, line spacing and grid display
  • Exception value formatting in tabular columns
  • Point-and-click sorting
  • Drag-and-drop column arranging
  • Performance enhancements

The (E)JES Workstation Component (formerly (E)JES/2), PSI's OS/2- and Windows-based (E)JES offering since 1996, is being sunset. There will be no V5R7 release. Toleration PTFs have been developed to allow EWC V5R6 to use (E)JES V5R7 as its operating system interface. EWC V5R6 will continue to be supported and maintained, and is expected to coexist with then current (E)JES releases, until it is officially stabilized at the end of September 2019. Customers requiring a graphical user interface should transition to (E)JES Web, the browser-based offering first introduced with (E)JES V5R4 in September 2014.

Customers can download (E)JES and generate a new license code using this download form. Customer credentials are required to access this form.

zHISR 3.0 Now Available with UNIX Associated Data Support

zHISR 3.0 is now generally available. This release of the product features the ability use UNIX associated to generate an associated data report. This report shows program text and offset information for the Csect or module selected for analysis. Previous releases of the product searched only z/OS data sets.

zHISR 3.0 is available for download here. Customer credentials are required to download zHISR. If you are not a customer and would like to try zHISR free for 30 days, please submit an evaluation agreement here.

CONDOR, FALCON and CYGNET z/OS 24.1 and z/VSE 30.1 Just Released

CONDOR, FALCON and CYGNET Versions 24.1 (z/OS) and 30.1 (z/VSE) are now available, and all include the enhancements below:

  • • Several significant performance enhancements are present when the product is run on hardware that includes the SIMD feature (Single Instruction Multiple Data, also known as Vector instructions.
  • • A new VFAC command has been added to query and set the SIMD hardware feature.
  • • The LOGON messages sent to SYSLOG now include NODE names and IP addresses when possible.

Other product-specific and operating system-specific enhancements are also included. See the Readme text and the documentation for details. These z/OS product releases are certified to run on z/OS 1.9 through 2.3. These z/VSE product releases are certified to run on z/VSE 4.1 through z/VSE 6.2.

Customers can visit our download page to access these releases. Customer credentials are required to download all Phoenix Software International products.