International Distributors

The table below is a list of our international distributors.

If you are interested in becoming a Phoenix Software International distributor, please contact Stewart Wolfenson at our corporate headquarters.

Country Distributor
Argentina Size IT
Australia Spectrum Software
Belgium Metastore
Belgium Query Informatique
Belgium UBS-Hainer
Brazil Size IT
Canada Managed by our headquarters in California, USA
China OGS Consulting Pte Ltd.
Chile Size IT
Denmark MCG Systems
Finland MCG Systems
France Metastore
France Query Informatique
Germany UBS-Hainer
United Kingdom Fitz Software & Co.
Israel NESS
Italy DBA Sistemi
Luxembourg Metastore
Luxembourg Query Informatique
Luxembourg UBS-Hainer
Malaysia OGS Consulting Pte Ltd.
Netherlands Metastore
New Zealand Conbrio Technology Ltd.
New Zealand General Systems Australia
Norway MCG Systems
Portugal PRSI
Singapore OGS Consulting Pte Ltd.
Spain PRSI
South Africa UBS-Hainer
Sweden MCG Systems
Thailand OGS Consulting Pte Ltd.
West Africa The Inter-regional Bridge Ghana LTD