Positioning for the Future:
z/OS interface modernization

Much has been written about the aging mainframe workforce and looming skills shortage. It’s not an acute problem, but rather a “smoldering” one that deserves attention. Responsible software providers are moving toward interfaces that are more recognizable to Generation-“Y”.

For Installers

Our traditional install gets very high marks, but customers can now choose to use CA Chorus Software Manager to install and maintain (E)JES. We will likely also attempt to support IBM’s z/OSMF Software Configuration functions once they’re deemed to be “ready for prime time”.


CA Chorus Software Manager Image

For End Users

(E)JES Web is a browser-based interface to (E)JES implemented in Java. Our intent is to create a de facto interface to (E)JES for users that are uncomfortable navigating traditional 3270 interfaces. The REST API backing this technology will provide a framework for the creation of Eclipse plug-ins, mobile applications, and other web services clients.

(E)JES Web

IBM has given z/OS Java highly preferential treatment in z Systems hardware/software design and customer terms and conditions. This trend is expected to continue, making z/OS Java a solid language/platform choice with good investment protection for the foreseeable future.

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